South Iredell High School AquaLab Construction – Part 4


Brake Winch for lowering and raising ZipGrow Towers. Note the water trickling into the catchment gutter. No splashing even from up at 7ft. 

The AquaLab construction is now complete! The winches have been mounted to raise and lower the ZipGrow Towers, the raft hydroponic units have been repainted and finished, aeration system is complete and all plumbing is finished.


Completed Raft Hydroponic units


2 Circular Aquaculture tanks with radial flow clarifier and filter tank.


600 gallon fiberglass display tank with radial flow clarifier and filter tank.


Catchment gutter for ZipGrow Towers complete


Completed raft hydroponic unit. Notice the blue degassing tank on the left. This tank diffuses CO2 produced by the fish into the greenhouse atmosphere for increased plant performance.


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